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LA CATEDRAL Its interior is luminous due to the number of large windows and the substitution of walls for arcades. In the apse there is the altarpiece of the Transfiguration, it is a work of the remarkable artist Jaume Huguet, in the XV century, and, in the biggest altar, there is Santa Maria's altarpiece made with polychromated wood, with scenes of the New Testament and of the Virgin. The cloister of the cathedral, built to Saint Agustin's canons, presents an irregular form and contains a valuable collection of inscriptions in its walls. You can accede to it from the exterior through the typical “Olivera” doorway (XVIII century), of Baroque style.    
CASTLE OF "SUDA" The current castle of “Sant Joan”, formerly called “de la Suda”, where the first inhabitants of Tortosa were located ; and the houses, that are embedded to it, were the part of the city that was built first, protected by a fortress.    
DELTA DEL EBRO Spanish natural reserve in the province of Tarragona, in Catalonia, distributed among the regions of Baix Ebre and Montsia, two of three parts that form the area of Tortosa. It was created in 1983 and, in 1986, the right riverbank of the Ebro delta was included as a part of the park, so the total surface increased up to 7.736 hectares.    
MONT CARO It is one of the harder and more impressive mountains of Catalonia. And no doubt, a beautiful ascent, plagued of horseshoed curves that will let you contemplate, as you ascend, an every time bigger extension of the Ebro river mouth and its delta.    
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